delhi, march 2016
delhi, march 2016

My name is Angela Ambroz, but there are some who call me briz.

I'm an economist by training, data scientist by job, hardware hacker wannabe, crappy Buddhist, and sci-fi writer. I'm super enthusiastic about a lot of stuff.

Tech stack: python (pandas, pymc3, sklearn, etc.), bash, SQL, html/css, javascript, clojure

Personal stack: I love weight lifting and running and, whenever possible, scuba diving. I read a lot. I'm married, live and work in the EST time zone, and have a beloved kitty named Potato.

Language stack: Sono cresciuta bilingue (i miei sono d'Italia) und habe ich am Goetheinstitut ein Deutschkurs gemacht (mein Mann ist Deutsch) मैं हिंदी बात कर सकती हूँ क्योंकि एक साल के लिए मैं हिन्दुस्त में रहती थी (हैदराबाद, दिल्ली और बिहार)|