I've been asked by more than two people about what my "journey to the center of data science" was and, well, one of my core values is automation. So here's my response to those people. Next, I'll write a bot that will just auto-reply this appropriately, heh.

Usual warning/caveat: your mileage may vary.

My path

This is in chronological order, starting from 2014 to ~now.


  • * = how much each resource is still applicable to my day-to-day, where more = better
  • 💵 = whether I paid any money for it (as opposed to, e.g., having it reimbursed)
  • 🐝 = taken as part of Georgia Tech's OMSCS program (this costs 💵 for degree credit, but is freely available on Udacity if you don't want to take it for credit)

I've also put the approximate amount of time spent ingesting (not digesting!) the resource.

Background: BS in economics and mathematics, MPhil in economics + several years working as a research manager and economist in university research labs and non-profit sector.

Got first data science job

Admitted to Georgia Tech's OMSCS

General resources

Those are things I actually went through, top to bottom. In addition, here are some reference resources I use a lot (and find very helpful):

And, of course, Google, StackOverflow, and YouTube.

It never ends

I consider this a start, and I still have a lot of stuff I want to learn. It's a big topic, and the TOLEARN list is only growing...!