This tutorial by had been on my TODO list for about 5 months. Today I finally did it! Jeez. I basically failed productivity hacking. Anyway.

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Multiple cursors are great

Multiple cursors are great, and they're available (mostly by default) in a lot of text editors: Sublime, Atom, PyCharm. They are a yuuuge part of my daily productivity. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Except that, until now, I had indeed been surviving without them in my other main window of choice: the browser-based Jupyter notebook. Until now. UNTIL NOW!

TLDR tutorial

The full tutorial is here. But here's the tldr of what I did:

cd ~/.jupyter
mkdir custom
subl custom/custom.js

Then, once in custom.js, this worked for me (it's the first comment):

require(["codemirror/keymap/sublime", "notebook/js/cell", "base/js/namespace"], function(sublime_keymap, cell, IPython) {

    cell.Cell.options_default.cm_config.keyMap = 'sublime';

    var cells = IPython.notebook.get_cells();

    for (var c=0; c < cells.length ; c++) {
        cells[c].code_mirror.setOption('keyMap', 'sublime');


Aw yiss.

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