A small thing today: I just delighted myself with the the text editor plugin, Emmet (Atom, Sublime). Emmet is useful for HTML/CSS autocompletion. Basically, since HTML is a pain in the butt that always has opening and closing tags (<p>blah blah</p>), Emmet uses tab completion to productivity-hack that process: you just type p and then TAB and, voila, you get your <p></p>.

But that's not the best part. THE BEST PART is that you can tab-complete your way through more complicated HTML trees of classes and IDs. Emmet uses HTML's inherent tree structure (parent, child, and sibling elements) to create an intuitive, order of operations-style process.

Below, I needed to make another "project info card" on my projects page. Because I'm using Bootstrap, I needed to pack a bunch of elements together: a <div>, some links, some paragraphs, spans, blah blah. With Emmet, I did it all in one go. MWAAHHH!

Voila: pemdas emmet