Menander The Future Fire, June 2015.

Monsters in Space Shimmer Magazine, January 2015.

The Good Deaths, Part II (audio) Beneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2014.

Pyaar Kiya. Anywhere But Earth October 2011.

Love and Anarchy and Science Fiction Redstone Science Fiction, June 2011.

Droplag GigaNotoSaurus, May 2011.

Sy Nebula and the Dream Tosser Crossed Genres, November 2010.

The Cold Ghost of Niue Expanded Horizons, May 2010.

Greetings from Kampala Strange Horizons, January 2009.

The Grief Toucan Reflection's Edge, December 2008 (Featured Story).

Shahrukh and the Tibetans Expanded Horizons, December 2008.

My Goodreads author profile also includes some interviews and reviews of my work (as well as info on what I'm currently reading and enjoying).